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Are you looking for a reliable, professional plumber? iFixdit, LLC is an experienced plumbing and drain cleaning company that has been serving the Philadelphia area for years.

While working with our residential and commercial customers, we have seen and heard  the horror stories often associated with plumbing services; you would hope that all plumbers in Philadelphia would be properly licensed, bonded and insured to provide protections for themselves and their clients. However; in many cases, plumbers skip these protections as well as utilize unqualified contractors who often ignore building codes and manufacture guidelines, essentially invalidating equipment and fixture warrantees before the job is even complete.

This is probably where iFixdit, LLC plumbing and drains services has stood apart from its competitors over the years. We have taken the additional steps to ensure that we are licensed, bonded and insured to protect both the company, our customers and our reputation within the community that we serve.

Plumbing Repair

Drain Cleaning

Emergency Services

A Sound, Local Reputation in Philadelphia

We place our reputation as a quality plumbing and drains service on the line for each and every service that we provide in Philadelphia, here are a few additional reasons why you should choose iFixdit, LLC as your trusted, professional plumber:

  • Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is not one of the things we do… it IS what we do!
  • We are Locally Owned and Operated right here in Philadelphia. We are not a franchise always jumping from state to state.
  • Everyone on our plumbing staff is highly skilled and licensed; many with differing levels of certifications on the multiple specialties needed for the plumbing industry…   
  • The owner of iFixdit handles all estimates… we never use commission salesmen.
  • Our team members present a professional appearance and mannerism. This is not our company standard, but rather a reflection of the quality of talent and professionalism that our team provides.
  • We never sub-contract labor, so we can ensure quality… no finger pointing or blame games with us. The only part of a plumbing project that would ever be sub-contracted is a portion that requires special licensing (certain electrical or general contracting for code purposes). Even then these local professionals are supervised by the master plumber.
  • We back our plumbing workmanship with a warranty on labor.
  • The owner keeps a look out for the latest technology that will make the plumbing service faster, more efficient and less expensive. Saving our time means saving you money.
  • We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured plumbing service. Every plumbing repair, maintenance or installation will have a Licensed Master Plumber on the property to work and supervise.
  • We use only top products from name brand manufactures when plumbing component replacement and fixtures are needed. Faucets, water heaters and toilets are commonly replaced by other plumbers with cheap off label brands; we ensure that we get the job done right by using the best products available within your budget.

Call Today (267) 979-4517

Full Service Plumber in Philadelphia

We can handle all plumbing issues from leaky or running faucets and toilets to water heater repair and/or replacement. We also specialize in sewer line drain cleaning as well as typical clogging within kitchen sinks, bathroom faucets or any other drain line within your property.

Some of our most popular plumbing services in Philadelphia are:

Plumbing fixture repair and/or replacement

All fixture repaired and replaced, control valves replaced, ceiling leak diagnostic, copper pipe repaired or changed into pex…especially in vacant properties to help prevent property damage due to pipes being stolen for scrap metal.

Plumbing updates

We can update all outdated plumbing such as removing lead piping and replacing with copper, pex or pvc. Most if not all incoming water service must be changed from lead to copper. Those old cracked, rusted cast iron sewer pipes can now be replaced with newer materials like pvc & cpvc.

Main sewer line and stack replacement

Main sewer line and stack replacement due to worn/cracked cast iron for which pvc is a great alternative to traditional metal for sewage and drain line replacement. Water service and meter couplings to correct city violations or to update service for which a permit may be necessary.

Water Heater repair and/or replacement

Having the proper experience with water heater replacement is essential to this area. Because of the unique structure and size of homes, common to the Philadelphia area, water heater replacement can sometimes be a challenge. Water heaters can be placed in basements, attics and even in non-serviceable enclosures that require special techniques and reconstruction for repair and replacement. Be sure to trust the experience that a master plumber at iFixdit, LLC can provide.

As licensed plumbers serving the Philadelphia community we place our reputation on the line with every quality plumbing service that we provide. We take on all plumbing service repairs, no matter the size, as the most important plumbing service we have. We don’t treat our customers as a ticket number, we treat you with the dignity and respect that you deserve: the Golden rule really does apply when it comes to good business, strong work ethic and moral values.

Gas Line Install and Leak Detection

At the first hint of a gas leak, residents usually call the local gas company, who usually tell the homeowner to get a licensed plumber to handle it if warranted. They are likely to just shut off the incoming gas service until it is corrected by a licensed professional. We have all the required certifications and licensing to handle any gas-leak; we can detect and correct any needed violation or leakage to prevent a hazard to the homeowner and/or surrounding area(s). When installing natural gas lines, it may be black iron or what is now in use – “csst” which is flexible yet durable and greatly reduces the cost in materials, time, and labor without the many hassles of couplings,elbows and other attachments needed when using rigid pipe. Call the experts at I*fixdit, llc -plumbing and drains, who are up to date with codes, application, usage, restrictions, and know-how to ensure your gas system is properly installed, tested and assured to be leak-free, worry-free, and have piece of mind knowing our work is guaranteed for your safety and well being.

Call Your Registered Master Plumber in Philadelphia Today

Call iFixdit, LLC in Philadelphia today; we will answer any questions that you may have about our plumbing services and our company. Our meticulous approach to customer relations guarantees that we can provide the plumbing services you need. Our budget minded and friendly team are excited to earn your business and make you a customer for life.

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