Plumbers, not the reputation that TV has made us out to have…

The three stooges - Plumbing Repair in PhiladelphiaNot too long ago, on a service call for a Philadelphia customer, she said: “you’re not what I imagined you’d be.” So I started thinking about how Hollywood and the media portrays this industry and perhaps how misunderstood the career of a plumber really is. iFixdit’s Master Plumber, Tony, doesn’t play a plumber on TV, he’s a master plumber in real life serving the great residents of Philadelphia for years. This article will highlight, and perhaps try to present a better understanding, of the tasks, risks and career of a licensed master plumber in Philadelphia.

Being a plumber in Philadelphia is hard work and at times, risky

If you compare the job of the plumber to some other jobs you’ll find that the conditions that we work under sometimes can be very difficult and hazardous. Take a look at some of these key points and explanations:

Most plumbers work alone: While this sometimes has its advantages; hauling equipment, tools, air tanks and plumbing materials up and down many flights of stairs to basements, apartments and rooftops in Philadelphia can take its toll. For some larger repairs a plumber may need to haul 300-500 lbs. of materials to get a job done.

Plumbing work is physically challenging: Aside from the physical demands of hauling tools, materials and equipment; to access many areas requires some flexibility: maneuvering underneath sinks, down crawl ways, through attics and sewer access points means a plumber must work in awkward positions to be able to complete the task. These awkward positions can cause muscle strain and musculoskeletal injuries according to numerous medical and legal articles on this subject.

Additionally, these injury risks are magnified when working in wet environments that can increase the chances of a slip and fall. Working with water heaters, boilers and other pressure vessels adds to the chances of being scalded or burned. Because many plumbers work alone, a serious injury may not be detected immediately compounding the risk factor for serious injuries.

Plumbers are exposed to extreme bio and chemical hazards: Everyday your friendly, neighborhood plumber in Philadelphia is exposed to chemical and bio hazards from raw sewage, harboring bacteria such as: tetanus, leptospirosis, hepatitis, E.coli, giardia, salmonella, cryptosporidium and dysentery, to animal droppings that can be infected with psittacosis, histoplasmosis and hantavirus.

A large risk factor is being exposed daily to toxic mold, especially in older Philadelphia homes and apartments where a slow leak has permeated the walls. Don’t forget about chemical hazards from toxic drain cleaners, lead exposure in pipes and asbestos in insulation, pipe covers and walls.

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The three Stoges - How to be a plumber - Plumbing Repair in PhiladelphiaSome things you may not know about a Professional Philadelphia Plumber

Again, the perception given by the media and Hollywood is that a plumber is just a worker (often portrayed as uneducated), but that’s actually, quite far from the truth.

Plumbers are extremely knowledgeable and skilled: In addition to the certifications and training necessary to work in such a diverse industry; a plumber is also skilled in reading blueprints, electrical schematics, diagrams and must be a master of local and federal regulations as well as building codes.

Choosing the career of a plumber means hundreds of hours of licensing & certification training, years of apprenticeship and dedication. A master plumber/ small business owner spends, on an industry average, $500,000 in training, tools and equipment to be able to perform the services needed for their customer. This does not mean that the master plumber will be successful; successful small business plumbing services must add to that a desire and commitment for customer service, safety and integrity of business in order to last more than a few years in the Philadelphia area.

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iFixdit’s master plumber and business owner, Tony; has made the investment of time and money because of his love for the diversity of this industry. No two days are the same as each project in this Philadelphia market is a little different; bringing about troubleshooting skills and job satisfaction for each customer that he serves. Philadelphia is a great city but, it is only great because of how terrific the residents and citizens are. It is a privilege to serve this great community as a master plumbing company.

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