What type of plumbing material is best for my Philadelphia home?

Living in a city like Philadelphia presents unique plumbing challenges as the plumbing system itself dates back to the early 1800’s. Many older homes in the Philadelphia area have seen multiple repairs with different materials which, in some cases, has created a collection of patchwork that simply is a problem waiting to happen. For many Philadelphia residents that are looking to upgrade or correct this plumbing patchwork or simply upgrade the plumbing to a safer, more efficient system; there are many options to consider. iFixdit, LLC master plumbing services can provide you with the best options to keep the plumbing in your Philadelphia home flowing safely for many years to come.

Pipes; you never realize how much you need them until they stop working - Plumbing Repair in Philadelphia

Newer technology and newer materials

Over the years the plumbing industry as seen many materials used for the plumbing in your Philadelphia home. In the early 20th century materials for plumbing that were available were: cast iron, terra-cotta, copper and galvanized steel. While these materials were all long-lasting materials they have a tendency to develop a pinhole like deterioration over 50 to 70 years of use. With the Philadelphia water system using more aggressive chemicals in the water treatment process the estimated lifespan of these types of materials drops significantly adding to the problem and need of replacement.

Newer technology and newer materials was not always a good thing; in the late 70’s polybutylene was introduced to the Philadelphia market which quickly began to see significant failure when exposed to chlorinated water. This now banned material is still occasionally seen by the installation professionals at iFixdit, LLC, but fortunately it is rare.

Through careful research and development, the plumbing industry in Philadelphia has stabilized to the use of standardized materials that can be chosen to best fit the application. Residential vs. commercial, house vs. apartment, agricultural vs. industrial are some of the variables considered when choosing the correct material for plumbing. Some of the standardized materials are PEX plumbing, CPVC plumbing and copper piping.

PEX Plumbing

Introduced into the Philadelphia market in the early 80’s, PEX is an excellent choice for new homes and homes that are going under a remodeling project where the plumbing needs to be updated. PEX is affordable and acceptable in nearly every building code seen throughout the Philadelphia area. Some additional advantages of PEX plumbing are:

  • Available in longer lengths so less splicing needs to be done
  • Very flexible so it can be curved through certain wall openings rather than having multiple connectors
  • It is easier, faster and cheaper to install than copper and is a little bit faster than CPVC because of the flexibility factor.
  • PEX piping will not corrode like copper.
  • PEX piping is unaffected by acidic water and chemical treatments seen from water treatment plants.
  • Because of its flexible nature it can resist bursting due to frozen water lines unlike copper and CPVC
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CPVC plumbing

After seeing all of the benefits of PEX plumbing you might be thinking why you would need another option. Any professional plumbing service in Philadelphia will tell you there is a time, place and need for different types of materials. While PEX has its advantages, CPVC has some advantages of its own:

  • CPVC is one of the least inexpensive materials available for plumbing so its use can cut down on the overall costs for installation or remodeling.
  • CPVC can handle temperatures up to 180°F, which makes it an ideal option for hot water service lines.
  • CPVC can be exposed to sunlight without any effect such as warping or fracturing seen in PEX exposed pipes.
  • Resistant to acidic chemicals such as bug sprays or cleaning chemicals.
  • CPVC is a time honored and tested product that’s been used in residential homes since the late 50s with very few defects or measured problems.

Copper plumbing can be a good option - Plumbing Repair in Philadelphia

Copper plumbing

The original standard for indoor plumbing for your Philadelphia home, copper plumbing has been around almost as long as plumbing has. It is a proven, long-lasting option for your remodeling project or upgrade of your current service lines. Depending on the application, copper is still a great choice however careful consideration should be made when choosing copper over PEX or CPVC.

  • Copper piping last extremely long with a proven 75 to 100 year lifespan. This makes it a perfect choice for apartment complexes where the accessibility of the plumbing is restricted needing more durable materials that last longer without service.
  • Copper piping does not expand or contract under pressure or temperature changes meaning that it is very versatile for both hot and cold water service.

Keep in mind when choosing copper for your Philadelphia home that it is also the most expensive to install and repair.

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